First Aid Basic Life Support Training


Basic Life Support: 3 hrs with Choking & Resuscitation/CPR



Basic Life Support: 3 hrs with Choking & Resuscitation/CPR

Booking information

Groups of around 15 are ideal, but we can accommodate up to 20 on the non-practical courses (ie First Aid and Moving & Handling are restricted to 15 attendees).

Given prior notice, we can incorporate specific information –eg from your Policies and Procedures, or we can highlight particular topics your staff may need additional help with. This is normally included in the cost, but we reserve the right to charge an additional fee should there be considerable extra work: this would always be agreed with you in advance. We keep all course content fully up to date with industry legal requirements and best practice.

Our fee is to provide care training courses in the southeast of England.  However, mileage fees will apply if we need to travel further than a certain mileage.  Please contact us for more details.


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