Client Feedback

“She was amazing, favourite tutor by far, general knowledge & experience made me feel at ease to talk about experiences.”

“ Support & sensitive.  Very knowledgeable & obvious passion.  Big influence on how I see things now.” 

“I just wanted to say that the courses were amazing! I feel that I have learnt so much and I feel much more confident about working in Live-In care. Susie is a fantastic trainer and she has taught me so much. She’s light-hearted, but uses her own experiences and wealth of knowledge as well.”

“The Tutor was very normal & easy to talk to.  It was very relevant, as the course was adapted to each students needs and what areas they needed help & advice on.  Fabulous trainer, will happily attend any training with this lady”

Care Home Owner, Gosport, Hampshire

“We had Susie here yesterday giving us training on Epipen and Diabetes.  Just wanted to let you know how awesome she was.  We were really short staffed and could barely afford to lose anybody on the floor but she adapted her training delivery and still managed to train people.  I take my hat off to her!!!”

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for the extra effort you gave in the Epilepsy courses you instructed. It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand it well. I think I can safely say you were well received by all!  Once again, thank you for an outstanding job!” (Epilepsy Awareness)

“The training has been excellent as always – that’s why we use Chatsworth. The best bit is that you personalise it for us in our environment and to our staff and their abilities. Thank you for the commitment and dedication to helping us increase our performance and effectiveness in what is a very challenging time for small businesses like ours.” (Mr B, care home owner in Gosport)

“Thank you for your presentation at the Induction Day…I thought you pitched it exactly right and the engagement from participants was clearly evident. Certainly the initial feedback has been very positive. I have been singing your praises”  (Recruitment & Selection)

“Wonderful Tutor – Keep it up” (Health and Safety)

“It was nice and the teacher was so good & competent” (Health and Safety)

 “Absolutely fab – thank you!” (Epilepsy Awareness)

“I was dreading this course because it was 3 hours long, but it was very enjoyable and interesting.”  (Infection Control)

“Brilliant Session” (Health and Safety)

“Everything was included in this course” (Pressure Area Care)

“I can now help my client more effectively” (Catheter training)

“I now understand all about bacteria and how it spreads” (Food  Hygiene)

“Very friendly teacher” (Care of the Dying)

“A very well produced and interesting course” ( Moving & Handling )

“Very practical, educative and interesting” (Team Leadership)

“Informative and Fun Session” (Health & Safety)

“I have the confidence to respond to live threatening situations should they occur in or out of work” (First Aid)

“Fun, easy going and focused session” (First Aid CPR Update)

“Thank You – just keep coming back” (Reflexology)

“Well done, very good communication. Best training session for a long time.” (First Aid)

“Made you really aware of the Fire Risks” (Fire Safety Awareness)

“I now have the knowledge and skills to apply when the need arises” (First Aid)

“Course was well-structured and very good” (First Aid)

“Interaction was excellent and the course was very informative” (Epilepsy Awareness)

“Lively, Fun and informative” ( Health & safety )

“The trainer spoke slowly and clearly – it was easy to understand” (Pressure Area Care)

“Such a great session!  Wanted Longer!”  (Epilepsy Awareness)

“Great Teacher, Interesting, kept my attention – Thanks!”  (Epilepsy Awareness)

Our Managers think very highly of you! (Epilepsy Awareness)

“Great Courses – Great Trainer – 5 Stars!” (Moving and Handling)